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What does an on-the-day wedding coordinator do?

There really is no such thing as an on-the-day wedding coordinator as I will usually start to work with you around 6 weeks prior to your wedding, offering advice and support but never taking over. This is when we will have an in-depth discussion to run through all the plans that you have made to date, and trouble shoot any potential problems. Most importantly I will do a site

visit with you, and discuss all of the details you have planned, to get an idea of how you envision the space on your wedding day. Together we will create a full timeline and I will ask you to advise all your suppliers that I will be there on the day to deal with any last-minute issues and ensure that everything is as expected. This preparation can take up to 15-20 hours including calls and emails.

On the day of your wedding, I will be the first to arrive and the last to leave, ensuring that every element runs to plan. With over 30 years event experience I am good at thinking on my feet and making snap decisions when required. I will introduce myself to your suppliers, so that any issues can be resolved swiftly without disturbing you or your guests. I come equipped with a list of local suppliers and my emergency wedding boxes. If there is anything you need at the last minute you should be able to find it in one of these boxes whether it is a safety pin, a blister plaster, cable ties, deodorant, glue, scissors, sewing kit…you name it I’ve probably got it. There are things in the box I never thought I would need but have

been asked for by bridal parties and the box gets updated constantly.

Your day will also be kept on schedule as I follow your timeline and ensure your suppliers are keeping on track. If it slips slightly, I will make sure everything else gets pushed back and no-one will be any the wiser. Nothing is too much trouble, whether that’s decorating the room, meeting and greeting, nudging your best man or ushers when they need to fulfil one of their duties, checking all the candles are lit and the music is at the right volume, anything you need help with I am happy to do. I can even come the day before to set up or the following day to help clear up.

It’s all about discreet co-ordination throughout your day. You won’t see me which doesn’t mean I am not th

ere. My role is to work behind the scenes so that the running of the day is calm and smooth, no one needs to see the hard work going on, it’s my job to make it look effortless and essential you don’t have to think about anything other than having a good time

If you’d like to discuss on-the-day wedding coordination, please get in touch for a friendly wedding chat. Trust me to take care of your event on the day.

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