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Event Services

With years of experience in events, I often see people who have planned every detail of their wedding or event and are determined to do everything themselves.  You have selected your suppliers and all the added extras' but forgot that on the day you are going to want to enjoy every moment without thinking about how to ensure everything will run smoothly. 

​Friends and family kindly offer to help which seems like a great idea but when so much time has gone into planning your big day, you want all your guests, especially your friends and family to enjoy themselves.


There are so many details to consider, some big and some little, and you need someone to oversee them so that you do not have to worry.

What do I do ?

As you might have already read on my "about me" page, I have not only worked in events for over 30 years, I have also worked as a Duty Manager at a luxury private venue for the last 3 years on over 150 weddings which I believe gives me a great insight into what happens behind the scenes and I am here to pitch in and work with the venue and your suppliers, not tell them how to do their jobs.

As an 'On The Day' wedding or events coordinator I don’t want to take over the planning of your special day, you have chosen to do this yourself, but it is important that you know I am here for any help and advice you may need along the way.

The purpose of the service is to provide discreet co-ordination throughout your day.  You have done all the hard work, so it is essential you do not have to think about anything other than having a good time. My role is to work behind the scenes so that the running of the day is calm and smooth for you and your guests.  No one needs to see the hard work going on behind the scenes, it’s my job to make it look effortless.
Whether that’s decorating the room, meeting and greeting, checking all the candles are lit and the music is at the right volume, anything you need help with I am happy to do. 

Depending on your requirements I can offer the following Event Planning services:

  • On the day assistance 

  • Set-up and pack-up 


And don’t forget with both packages if you have hired any of our items I will deliver and set-up them up and collect them after the event so you don’t have to think about organising their return the day after your event.  You don't have to hire items to use the on-the-day services.


On-the-day Assistance

If you already have your event organised but want to be free to enjoy it fully yourself without stress or interruption, then allow me to take on the running of your event.  Under your guidance I will be there to do as much or as little as you would like me to.


I will be there to lay out your chosen items just as you want them plus I will liaise with all other suppliers, making sure everything has arrived and deliveries are in place so that you know when you arrive everything will be perfect.


Set-up and Pack-up


The event Set-up and Pack-up service is just that, I will be there to oversee the set-up before you arrive, liaising with your suppliers in addition to setting up any hired items.  Once I am happy everything is ready for you, I will leave you to enjoy your event.

For pack-up I will come back to collect everything ensuring that the end of your day or the next day is a little less painful! I will meet with suppliers who are collecting stock and ensure everything is gathered up and cleared away.

Both packages can be tailored to individual events so just let us know how much or how little help you need.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.